The Magic of a Smile

Why are extractions necessary in some cases?

Some people’s permanent teeth need to be extracted to make room for the other teeth in a stable position; some other people have enough space (or even too much) to place all the teeth correctly.

The Specialist in Orthodontics studies with orthodontic material carefully to make a diagnosis and to plan a focused treatment: in most of the cases which require extractions, the Doctor communicates that plan during the case presentation before the therapy starts. (see Section New Patients - Diagnostic Itinerary).

Our work mainly drives at a beautiful smile in a balanced and harmonic face. We do not want to create faces with protruding teeth that do not allow the lips to close properly. We want to manage high-quality orthodontic treatment: for this reason in 20-25% of cases extractions are not only advisable but necessary so as not to compromise the result in in terms of beauty and stability.