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Orthodontic devices in children

The models of orthodontic device employed for children’s treatment are extremely different: every single case, depending on the problems requiring attention, needs a customized orthodontic therapy, both in terms of timing (appropriate starting age) and of necessary devices: however orthodontic devices can be classified in three categories.
Fixed appliance: different typologies exist, varying from orthopedic devices (rapid maxillary expander, mandibular advancers, etc..) to orthodontic appliances (multi-brackets).
Mobile appliance: they generally consist of wire-acrylic appliances of either one o two blocks, that needs to be worn for a variable number of hours, in accordance with the Doctor's recommendation.
Removable appliance: different typologies exist; they need to be worn full-time, but as well as for mobile appliances, they can be removed for eating or carrying out hygiene operations.
Specific information regarding the appliances are explained by the Doctor during the "Case presentation" meeting (second appointment) and at the moment of their insertion.