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Orthodontics for children

A harmonic and balanced growth of dental and skeletal components in the first steps of development is very important; for this reason every child should go to the Orthodontic office to be visited by the Specialist in Orthodontics before he reaches 7 years of age (see FAQs - What is the right age for a child’s first medical examination?).

In many cases it is not necessary to intervene prematurely and the treatment can be postponed (when tooth-trade is completed), i.e. once deciduous teeth have all been replaced (around 12 years of age). So it is possible to begin the treatment at a time when the correction can be more effective and efficient.

However in some cases the solution of irregularities in a premature age (interceptive therapy) simplifies the operation once tooth replacement has been reached and also prevents some problems that cannot be solved by Orthodontics alone.

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