What is the correct age to bring the child to a first orthodontic visit?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that each child be examined by the Orthodontic Specialist within the age of 7. In a high percentage of cases, where it is present a good harmony between skeletal and dental components, the treatment can be postponed to a later age. In the presence of specific dental and / or skeletal problems, which they can hardly be resolved later, but an early, defined treatment is required “Interceptive therapy” (see Section Orthodontic treatment in the child - Phase I).

However, we recommend that you bring your child for a studio visit as soon as possible (around 4 years): even if you do not need to carry out an orthodontic treatment early education in oral hygiene or topical applications of fluoride may be indicated.
Keeping baby teeth healthy for as long as possible is very important in that they help guide the eruption of the final teeth and maintain their space in the arch.

Furthermore, collaborations with colleagues may be required for: anticary occlusal sealings (general dentist), swallowing disorders or speech re-education (speech therapist / speech therapist), breathing disorders (otolaryngologist).
The Orthodontic Specialist is the most competent figure to coordinate, together with the Pediatrician and the specialists of other medical slings, this delicate phase of growth.

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