Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that is dedicated to diagnosis, to prevention and treatment of dental and facial disharmony; in particular he studies the position, the growth and development of the jawbones and teeth. It aims to correct any disharmonies, in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of each patient...Read more

The definition of an orthodontic treatment plan requires the collection of documentation complete that allows to study the case accurately: to all new patients for it reason is dedicated a path of two meetings, in order to be able to deepen all present problems...Read more

The smile is the first and only image of us that remains etched in other people. Having a pleasant smile is important because it improves one's self-esteem. Orthodontics is a investment for life: the benefits remain forever...Read more

The Orthodontic Specialist is a Doctor who, following the achievement of the Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics (in the period prior to the birth of this faculty, in Medicine and Surgery), had access to a School of Specialization in Orthodontics...Read more

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that each child be examined by the Orthodontic Specialist within the age of 7. In a high percentage of cases, where it is present a good harmony between skeletal and dental components, the treatment can be postponed to a later age...Read more

The treatment time can vary from one to three years, depending on a number of factors including age, type of treatment (interceptive therapy or phase II), type of equipment needed and complexity of malocclusion. The greater the patient's cooperation, the more efficient the treatment...Read more

Authoritative research has shown that if a good level of oral hygiene is maintained e checkups are respected (every 6-8 weeks), the device itself cannot cause damage to the teeth...Read more

In some people it is necessary to extract permanent teeth in order to obtain space to place the remaining in a stable position; other people have enough (or even excess) space to correctly position all teeth in the arch...Read more

Although the evolution of orthodontic techniques has reduced their use, in rare cases, traction extraoral may be the most suitable device...Read more

Yes, miniscrews can be used. These are small auxiliaries that are inserted into the bone alveolar or in the palate and, for some movements, they can do the same function as traction extraoral... Read more

There are two categories of attachments: metal ones and ceramic ones.

Metal brackets move teeth faster and more effectively; they are also capable of withstand greater forces without being harmed...Read more

The rubber bands have the function of moving groups of teeth towards the desired position. They need to be worn continuously for 22 hours (always with the exception of meals): one use partial decreases their effectiveness and prolongs treatment times..Read more

In general, hard, crunchy or chewy foods should be avoided. You will be given information detailed when the ...Read more

It is necessary to brush your teeth thoroughly, giving them the right amount of time (no less than four minutes), after each meal, including snacks and snacks...Read more

Playing an instrument or practicing a contact sport will require some precautions at first; however orthodontic treatment will not prevent you from participating in any of these activities...Read more

A correct balance of the function of the lips, cheeks and tongue is an essential condition for the success and stability of an orthodontic treatment...Read more

In the event that the Doctor suspects that there is an obstruction, even partial, of the pathways respiratory tract, the patient's parents will be asked to visit the otolaryngologist...Read more

In the presence of important skeletal problems, Orthodontics alone cannot allow obtain an ideal result: in this case the aesthetic and functional objectives are achievable by means of a combined orthodontic-surgical treatment...Read more

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