The lingual technique is a variant of the traditional fixed appliance in which the metal attachments in the inner surface of the teeth, so as to make them invisible to any interlocutor. It is aimed at any age group, allowing young people and adults to hear each other always at ease.

Recent advances in lingual orthodontics have made it efficient in correcting all malocclusions, a feature unthinkable with the use of transparent and superimposable aligners to the traditional external device.
It is an extremely avant-garde but at the same time highly sophisticated technique:therefore requires the competence and clinical ability of an Orthodontic Specialist.
Each component used in lingual orthodontics is completely individualized: the position of the brackets, the shape of the arches and the individual components of the equipment are produced in a personalized way for each patient.
The use of small metal attachments and bending-free arches helps to reduce at most possible irritation to the tongue. A high-tech low-force system makes the more efficient and physiological tooth movement.

There is no contraindication to orthodontic therapy with lingual technique; it is however it is essential to devote careful hygiene to avoid a significant accumulation of plaque.
The initial discomfort, with minimal phonetic alteration, caused by the contact of the metal attachments with the tongue it is reduced within a few weeks and the appliance is subsequently well tolerated.

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