The lingual technique is the same concept of the conventional fixed buccal appliance but the metal brackets are applied to the inner surface of the teeth, making them invisible to any interlocutor. It is suitable for all age groups, allowing both young people and adults to feel at ease.

Recent advances in lingual orthodontics have made it efficient in correcting all types of malocclusions, a feature that was unthinkable with the use of clear aligners and is comparable to the traditional external appliance.

This is an extremely cutting-edge technique, yet at the same time highly sophisticated: it therefore requires the competence and clinical skill of a Specialist in Orthodontics.
The Albertini Studio from Reggio Emilia periodically publish scientific articles related to the lingual technique in national and international journals.
Every component used in lingual orthodontics is completely individualized: the position of the brackets, the shape of the archwires, and the individual components of the appliance are custom-made for each patient.

The use of smaller-sized metal brackets and arches without bends helps to minimize potential irritation to the tongue. A highly technological system with low forces makes tooth movement more efficient and physiological.
There are no contraindications to orthodontic therapy with the lingual technique; however, it is essential to dedicate meticulous hygiene to avoid a significant accumulation of plaque.

The initial discomfort, with minimal phonetic alteration, caused by the contact of the metal brackets with the tongue is reduced within a few weeks, and the appliance is subsequently well tolerated. The Albertini Studio in Reggio Emilia remains at the complete disposal of patients to improve the experience even in the initial phases of

Opting for invisible lingual orthodontics represents an important decision on the path towards a healthier and more harmonious smile. This technique, often described as "invisible braces," is becoming one of the most sought-after options by those seeking a discreet yet effective orthodontic treatment.
The Albertini Studio in Reggio Emilia uses the most advanced equipment for the application of this technique and for achieving the best result for patients.
The strength of lingual orthodontics lies in its ability to combine the maximum efficacy of traditional orthodontic treatment with the invisibility of the appliance, thus offering the perfect solution for those who wish to correct their teeth without altering the aesthetics of their smile. The term "invisible braces" captures the essence of this technology: the brackets and wires are hidden behind the teeth, making them imperceptible to even the most observant interlocutor.

In addition to the aesthetic advantage, invisible lingual orthodontics promises results comparable to those of traditional methods. However, as with any orthodontic treatment, the key to achieving optimal results with
lingual orthodontics lies in the care and regular monthly appointments at the Albertini Studio in Reggio Emilia.
Periodic check-ups ensure the maintenance of proper oral hygiene and the prevention of complications such as gingival inflammation, caries, or periodontal disease.
In conclusion, invisible lingual orthodontics offers an excellent solution for those looking to improve their smile.

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