The application of attachments on the internal (lingual) surface of the teeth limited to the anterior sector (from canine to canine or from premolar to premolar) allows you to quickly and efficiently solve problems of slight or moderate misalignment in the anterior segments of the arches.

In patients in whom there are no occlusion problems, alterations in function or who have prosthetic rehabilitations (crowns, bridges, implants) in the posterior areas, an intervention limited to the anterior sector may be the ideal solution: "social six" represents in these cases a system superior to other aesthetic methods (aligners) or non-aesthetic (external fixed braces) for the resolution of crowding, spaces or rotations of the anterior teeth with the highest quality and efficiency. The duration of the "social six" treatment is generally between 5 weeks and 4 months; at the end of this period, as for any type of orthodontic treatment, a restraint system is applied. (Contention)

"Social six" is not just an aesthetic treatment: correct alignment of the anterior teeth, in addition to facilitating oral hygiene, plays an important role in determining the correct anatomy of the supporting tissues (soft tissues and alveolar bone).

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