Social Six represents an innovative solution in the field of aesthetic orthodontics, offering an alternative to clear aligners. This method allows for the quick and efficient resolution of the most complex tooth rotations, especially those in the anterior sector, from canine to canine or from premolar to premolar.

The application of brackets on the internal (lingual) surface of the teeth, limited to the anterior sector, enables the addressing of mild to moderate crowding issues in a completely invisible manner. It is ideal for patients who do not have occlusion problems, functional alterations, or who have prosthetic rehabilitations (crowns, bridges, implants) in the posterior areas.

Social Six stands out as a treatment aimed at improving the aesthetics of the smile and resolving anterior crowding. It allows for the perfect alignment of the anterior teeth, significantly enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the smile. The duration of the treatment generally varies between 5 weeks and 6 months, after which a retainer is applied to maintain the achieved results.

However, this treatment is not limited to just the aesthetic aspect: proper alignment of the anterior teeth also promotes better oral hygiene and contributes to the health of the supporting tissues, including soft tissues and alveolar bone, thus ensuring a correct oral anatomy.

In conclusion, Social Six offers an efficient and discreet solution for those wishing to improve the aesthetics of their smile without compromising functionality and oral health.

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