Oral hygiene is a fundamental requirement for every healthy person, therefore our professional protocols entail a long period of collaboration between the patient, orthodontist, and hygienist. The evaluation and planning of clinical protocols are followed by Dr. Eleonora, who will establish the frequency of professional oral hygiene sessions necessary for each patient in an individualized manner. The goal of this therapy is to maintain dental and periodontal health before, during, and after orthodontic treatment.

In all this, the key role is played by the patient, whose cooperation and active participation are the starting and ending points of every orthodontic therapy. At the end of orthodontic treatment, especially for patients who require the maximum final aesthetic result, it is possible to perform dental whitening.

This aesthetic possibility to maximize the outcome of the final result must be performed following the session of oral hygiene. With the advancement of whitening technologies, we offer customized solutions that respect the sensitivity and needs of each individual patient, ensuring effective results without discomfort or pain. Dr. Eleonora, along with the rest of the team, commits to selecting the most appropriate whitening methods, integrating these treatments into orthodontic care plans to maximize the satisfaction and comfort of our patients.

The whitening techniques used are mainly two: home whitening, for which syringes containing the whitening product and special trays that correctly maintain it in place are provided to the patient, and in-office whitening, for which the whitening product is applied during a specific session.

The success of every orthodontic treatment and oral hygiene strongly depends on the synergy between the competent staff and the patient. For this reason, we dedicate particular attention to educating our patients on the best home care methods, emphasizing the importance of effective daily practices, such as proper brushing, the use of dental floss, and adopting a lifestyle that promotes oral health. This holistic approach ensures not only the success of orthodontic treatments but also the maintenance of the results achieved, promoting optimal oral health in the long term.

Within our clinic in Reggio Emilia, we consider oral hygiene and whitening not as isolated services but as integral components of an overall journey towards orthodontic excellence. It is with this philosophy that we invite our patients to embark on a journey with us, a path characterized by attention, care, and mutual commitment towards the common goal of a healthy, functional, and bright smile. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care, customized to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Through continuous collaboration between our team of experts and the patients, we commit to realizing shared visions of oral health, aesthetics, and overall well-being.

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