Retention - Reggio Emilia - Dott. Enrico Albertini
Retention - Reggio Emilia - Dott. Enrico Albertini

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When the orthodontic phase II treatment ends with the removal of the brace, regardless of the age of the, a restraining device is fitted, which that has the job of stabilizing the teeth in the desired position. This gives the tissue time to adapt to the change and to make a more stable occlusion.

Our body is always changing: authoritative research has demonstrated that the perimeter of the dental arches has the tendency to contract gradually over the years, in particular in the lower arch, and this makes tooth alignment worse: for this reason, even in people that had never been subjected to orthodontic treatment, over time years teeth have the tendency to crowd together. So retention has the same importance as active treatment.

At the end of the treatment the Doctor decides how long the retention step will last. It depends on many elements: some cases require a short period of retention, in other cases the restraint is kept until adulthood or forever.

The restraint can be fixed or removable.

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